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Olper’s Milk 1.5 ltr



Olper's Milk is enriched with freshness and taste. The UHT treated milk contains healthy nutrition to keep you strong and active. The wholesome taste of the milk adds a delightful experience to your life. Information: Olper's Full Cream Milk 1.5 liter is Ultra heat treated (UHT). Homogenised & Standardised at 3.5% fat and 8.9% MSNF. Ingredients: Not suitable for the lactose intolerant. Not a substitute for breast milk. This product may  contain soya lecithin. Nutrition Information: Energy (kcal)  | 8% Fat (g)  | 12% Carbohydrates (g)  | 5% Protein (g) | 12% Sodium (mg)  | 5% Calcium (mg)  | 30% Packaging: Processed & aseptically packed by Engro Foods  Limited, Karachi, Pakistan. Caution: Once opened, refrigerate and use within 3 days.